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Kidz Scuba Parties

ScubaParties.com has been in operation since 2006. The crew have entertained and educated children from all walks of life through the world of scuba. Read more »

Career in Diving

There is a huge international need for well trained and experienced dive professionals. Read more »

How to

maskOur How-to pages help you to choose the right equipment.From masks to BC’s to Wet suits, we advise you on how to choose them..

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Latest News

At Divetek we like to keep you informed.

From parties to events to courses, you can find them here. Read more »

Divetek Adventure Club

adventure_clubDivetek Adventure Club gets actively involved with as many fun activities that we can possibly get our hands on.

Read more about Divetek Adventure Club

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Divetek Travel

wreck diving in maltaExciting Destinations!

Divetek takes you to top diving spots around the world. View our travel specials and see where we will be taking you next.

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