Advanced Course

General Information

  • The most important item of diving equipment is YOU. Further training maximises every diving experience.
  • The Advanced course is a fun course that is designed to guide and upgrade the beginner diver.
  • It is a continuation of your Scuba Diver training and all divers should take this program.


Course Content

Dive Planning
We aim to have you confident enough after the course not to require an instructor to lead you.
So we teach you long and short term planning.

An important skill for a diver. Both natural and compass navigation, are covered in detail on the course.
Loads of fun with practical excercises on land and Underwater.

Search & Recovery
This is introduced on the course. There is a lecture, land navigation session and two dives that will culminate in the finding of  the treasure and raising it with a lift bag.

Night Diving
This is covered in detail. The topics include how to select, use and maintain torches along with the methods and precautions required for a night dive.
As well as an interesting talk on all the strange creatures that come out at Night!!

Deep diving
The dangers and procedures of deep diving are covered in detail.
A deep dive is completed to 30m under controlled conditions.

In Rescue we deal with:

  • Stress
  • Panic
  • Self Rescue


The topics covered are:

  • Currents
  • Aquatic life
  • Tidal patterns
  • The sea
  • Winds


Computers and Decompression
This includes a revision of dive tables and altitude diving as well as the theory and use of that great divers tool the Dive computer.
A very interesting Lecture on Decompression Sickness is also included.

Regulator Design
We explain the different designs and types to give you a better understanding.
Really aids those that might be in the market for gear as it gives you a much greater knowledge on what exactly you are purchasing.

There is a revision pool session that will concentrate on Buoyancy and control.
We also give you the oppurtunity to try out different equipment, letting you decide:

  • Is a bigger BC better?
  • The Age old Question Of Steel vs Aluminium Cylinders?
  • Are you really in control of your Buoyancy and BC?
  • What is the Difference between a Balanced and Unbalanced Reg on a Dive?
  • How Good are your Fins Really?


Dives and Practical Sessions

  • Navigation dry practice
  • Natural Navigation Dive
  • Compass navigation Dive
  • Rescue session
  • Night Dive
  • Deep Dive
  • Search Dive
  • Recovery Dive



Please Contact Abby with Regards to costs involved
011 791 1095


We run a course every two months. Please see our schedule for the next available dates.


  • Divetek advanced certification
  • NAUI Advanced Diver  (optional)


Your Instructor

Divetek Training is given by highly qualified and professional instructors, to ensure that your course is of the highest quality.


  • Over 15 years of age
  • Open Water Scuba Diver certification or it’s equivalent
  • An in date medical is required or a medical history form


Equipment Requirements

You will be required to provide:

  • Your own basic and SCUBA equipment (In the event that you do not have your own SCUBA please speak to your instructor in order to make hire arrangements)
  • Torch and a compass (Please speak to your instructor for advice before you purchase to ensure that you make the correct selection).


Course Format

The Course starts on a Saturday afternoon with pool training.
Then 3 lectures during the week in the evenings.
Saturday & Sunday we move to Miracle Waters for the dives and practical sessions (The Fun Part!!!)


Numbers on courses are restricted, to ensure that you have a place on the next course please pay a non-refundable deposit of R400.00.
The balance is to be paid on the first day of the course.

Further Courses

The Advanced Course is not only essential to ensure you have the correct diving skills and experience, it is also required to continue with your diving career.
The Advanced Also gives you the knowledge needed to begin the various Speciality Courses.
Advanced Rescue is the next step if you wish to go further.