Kidz Scuba Parties

Scuba-PartyThis is a great way for kids to experience diving without the technicalities and the heavy gear. Our 3x hour parties are fun and entertaining, so much so, that on many occasions we’ve had the pleasure of parents jumping-in and joining us!

Scuba Parties can be held all year round, including winter, at our indoor and heated pool venues. Or if preferred, we can also arrange for the Scuba Parties to be held in the comfort of your own pool at home.

Children of the age of 7 years and up can use our kits, but we also accommodate those who are younger with other water toys and games.



  • R2800 for 6 kids
  • R3000 for 10 kids
  • R3500 for 15 kids
  • R100 per child thereafter
  • Face painting – on request for an additional R200
  • Clown – on request for an additional R1000


  • Party packs for the kids
    • Assorted Sweets
    • Crisps
    • Juice
    • Bladefish (scooters)
    • Masks, snorkels and scuba gear
    • Pool – outdoor, indoor or your home/venue
    • Assorted Pool Toys and Games
    • Qualified Assistant and Instructor

We play a variety of games, such as Bladefish races and treasure hunts, but most importantly they get to experience the joy of breathing and flying under water :) All-in-all we assure a party filled with laughter and fun!

Do you want to invite the crew to your next birthday party or event? If so then please email us by using the enquiry form below and include the following details:

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